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CA8012X-01 Vice Tir...
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CA8012X-01 Vice Tire Setter for Snap-On-Tires

SKU: CA8012X-01
EASY TO USE, Wheelchair Vice Tire Setter

No more struggling with mounting those snap-on tires, this tool makes the job easy. Universal to work with 8", 20", 22", and 24" wheels. One stem will go through the center bearing of the wheel. The wheel will spin on this stem. The bearing fit will not necessarily be a tight fit on the stem. The stem is only used to rotate the wheel. The other stem will go between the wheel rim and the tire being mounted. This stem will draw the tire onto the wheel rim with ease while rotating the wheel.
**Recommended to soak the tire in warm, soapy water prior to trying to get it on**
Wheel Sizes: 8", 20", 22", and 24"

Made: Made with zinc plated steel for durability and strength.

Tire Type: Solid Snap-On Tires

Wheelchair Tire Setter

Easy to use, a must have for mounting multiple tires, save time and frustration.

Vice Tire Setter for Snap on Tires

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CA8012X-01 Vice Tire Setter for Snap-On-Tires
CA8012X-01 Vice Tire Setter for Snap-On-Tires
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